Friday, March 9, 2012

first day of Study Tour (Bogor-Yogyakarta-Semarang)

I had a great time in Yogyakarta , on march 5th my school started our first day of Study Tour (Bogor-Yogyakarta-Semarang) we spent almost 14 hours to reach our hotel in Yogyakarta . The girls stayed in Heryon Hotel , as we arrived at the hotel we took a bath and go straight to alun - alun . I had the unforgettable moment when my friends ( poppy and roro ) and I rode a bicycle , there was something wrong with its chain Idontknowwhattocallit* on the first track it caused a lil problem but at least I had a story to be told when we grow older chuckles*
3 girls on a bike with Fajar fixing the chain

we rode the bicycle for 4 tracks and got tired . going back to the hotel by a pedicab and off to bed at about 1 am .

not enough time at alun-alun , can't wait to be back

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